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5 STARS - Enlightening & Encouraging

“This book is wonderful, enlightening, encouraging, inspiring, delightful and heartfelt. Very well-documented journey from a beautiful soul, who’s everyday life turned her into a true disciple of God. A must read for anyone!!!!! Well done Sara”


“Love, Love, Love my special gift and that it was made by your special gift! Love how she tugs at my heart each day! She is so special! Thank you.”


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“What an amazingly inspiring book by Sara! Sara gives us a very honest depiction of trusting God to lead us where He wants us to be in our lives. Our Bible Study group has been reading this book together and it is teaching us to listen, trust, and to step out in faith. The “reflection and action steps” at the end of each chapter and the Bible Scripture in each chapter is helping us grow in our walk with the Lord. This book and Sara Thurman are truly a Blessing!”


“I loved the color pallet and when I saw the name “Mighty Messenger” I knew this was my angel painting.”

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5 STARS - Well written and insightful...a gift to the reader

“I am loving this book and how Sara, the author, tells her story in such an interesting way. Reading this book is like cuddling up with a comforting blanket and really lets us know the power of listening to that inner voice from God in this journey of life. So well written and really keeps us tuned in to that voice and daily journey. A great read and insightful story!”


“Light is a powerful metaphor of God for me. In my painting I see the glorious light of God, and the heavenly angelic army, praising God at the birth of the Savior.”

“Calm My Heart” adds such a feeling of peace in our home. She’s perfect!”


“My angel “Joy” painted by Sara Thurman looks so beautiful in my prayer room, right next to the gorgeous cross she made for me! Feeling blessed.”

“Joyous Blessing symbolizes so much in my life. God, in perfect timing, created my path to cross with Sara’s. Not only did I need a spiritual leader but Sara also encouraged and motivated me in my field of education and leadership. Thirteen years from when Sara took me under her wings, Joyous Blessing will hang in my office as I open a brand new elementary school. Staff and students will have an angel watching over them and it will be a constant symbol of love, hope, grace and peace. I know God will continue to bless me and all those who believe!”

Small beginnings - 5 STARS

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“A truly inspiring journey— this memoir shares how God inspires and helps us to find a path we may not have even considered. I highly recommend this amazingly insightful read.”

“This well written memoir is filled with the Holy Spirit that serves as an inspiration to challenge yourself to greater heights. It is a book of personal moments that motivates you to dream big and let faith guide your vision. Well done, Sara Thurman!”

“I love this book and the freedom it creates. Such a powerful message of hope in the process.”

“This book has touched me at a time in my life when I needed more faith. Sara is a beautiful writer, this book is worth reading and rereading. I highly recommend it!”

“This memoir of becoming an artist will encourage you to take the next steps in your life, no matter how small. Has B&W and color pictures. Stories from the author’s life woven together in a story only God could write. Reading the book for a second time!”

“You were created to be an amazing inspiration and you are living in it. I’m so grateful to God for your anointing.”

“I am really enjoying your words, especially your reflections.”

“Just finished chapter two, Sara! Girl, you have me in tears and joy in my heart.”

“Your book. I had just started reading it, but it was for her [best childhood friend going through a tough time]. God placed you in my life to give me a book that would immediately benefit my best childhood friend in her time. I sent it to her and she is so excited to begin her journey with the encouragement of your book."

“ I just ordered another one of your books for my sister. She is a beautiful artist who is going through a difficult time right now. I think your book will help her.”


“Sara..Love your book..we are studying each morsel of it and feel so blessed to have known and worshipped with your wonderful family. Have so many memories of sharing Bible Class and Church Service led by John Alexander with Olga and Hugh [my parents]. Am looking forward to visiting and reminiscing with you [in Rocksprings]. May God continue to guide you in His work thru your God given talent.”

"Sara, you are such an inspiring soul, praying for you to continue on God’s path and touching people’s lives with His Salvation. I left Fredericksburg [where you were painting live] feeling like God was smiling.”

E-course 100 Days Creating with God

“I am loving my 100 days!!! Thank you, Sara, for inspiring us all. It has been a rich experience so far.”

"I’ve experienced God in a whole different way with our 100 days. He’s been so good to us.”