Acts 1:8 Blessings paints and sells original artwork to support missions and needs in our community and throughout the world.

Our Story

After retiring from sales and school administration respectively, Wayman and Sara began to dream with God about creating to support their passion of bringing Jesus to others. Wayman built his own woodworking shop in the backyard. He creates birdhouses, bird feeders, trays, and a variety of useful creations. Sara started painting with watercolor and quickly moved to painting with acrylic on both canvas and masonite. Her most recent subjects are angels.

Profits from Acts 1:8 Blessings help support worldwide missions. The team currently supported is living full time in Central Asia. Our desire is to help support missionaries all over the world to bring hope and unfailing love of Jesus. Other missions we give to are in India, Latvia, Uganda, Macedonia, Greece, Russia, Mongolia, and China.

Sara gets her inspiration for her art from her time in nature and growing up on a ranch in southwest Texas, her time in daily worship, her love of Monet and the Impressionistic styles, and inspiration from the artists like DeAnn Hebert among others on Pinterest.

We are blessed to have your support and prayers in being a part of our purpose on earth to bring the Good News of Jesus to the world.


Meet the Artist

I never thought I would be an artist. Growing up in a ranching community in Southwest Texas, art classes were not an option. After receiving my doctorate in Public School Administration, I had a successful career as an elementary and middle school principal and in central office. Upon my retirement and cleaning out my closet full of business suits, I became intrigued with art projects while caring for my ailing mother at home in the spring of 2014.

My first painting was completed with worship music and a small handful of women who were not artists in October 2014. I just wanted to explore painting and creating and worshiping The Creator. The process of putting layers on roofing felt was healing and my identity of being "created to create" became a reality.

After prayer and asking God to do the impossible with my art while in Mongolia on a Mission trip in September 2016, my artwork began selling. I use a palette knife primarily with layers and texture along with an expanding color palette of blues and grays and browns. Angels became my primary subject, but now I am exploring other works.

My art is showcased in local galleries, churches, and stores in the Texas hill country.

I am blessed to be in the middle of what I believe God created me to do, which is to bring heaven to the ends of the earth.

Sara Thurman