E-Course: 100 days of Creating with God


“100 Days of Creating with God” is an e-course designed to help you discover more of God’s creative skills in your life. Both internal and external skill sets will be developed and sharpened during these 100 days. During this course you will grow with God in your skillset as a creative but also in your relationship with your Great Creator. This course will help you take a breath and realize you are not too late or too early. You are right in the middle of where God has you. Spend 100 days creating with God on a unique journey that will provide insight into your creativity and well as open up and strengthen a beautiful relationship with God. Note: This course will be bought through my Kabaja platform here.

I honestly don’t know how to describe the timing in discovering you here on Instagram! You just know when it is God! I’m just a woman in Louisiana who knows that God has called her to the other side and desperately trying to get there.
— D